PP Female Thread Adapter

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    Material: PP
    Color: Blue, Black
    Brand: JSK
    Type: Female
    Pressure rating: PN16
    Gasket: NBR quality for drinkable water
    Active sealing system with thrust ring: D16-63 Double Lip Gasket D75-110 Spring Gasket

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        Application Area:
        Chemical Plants, Fuel Gas Plant, Corrosive Effluents Plants, Pharmaceuticals, etc.
        Food Processing Plants, Salt & Marines, Irrigation Systems, Water Supply, Drainage & Sewage Plants, Paper & Pulp Industries.

        Corrosion proof
        High strength and Durable
        Elegant and Robust design
        Dimensional accuracy
        Long service life

        Available Size

        20 mm x 1/2″, 20 mm x 3/4″, 25 mm x 1/2″, 25 mm x 3/4″, 25 mm x 1″, 32 mm x 3/4″, 32 mm x 1″, 40 mm x 1″, 40 mm x 5/4″, 50 mm x 5/4″, 50 mm x 3/2″, 50 mm x 2″, 63 mm x 3/2″, 63 mm x 2″


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