Black HDPE End Cap

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    Material: HDPE
    Shape: Round
    Pressure: Up to 0.8 Bar
    Diameter: Up to 320 mm
    Brand: JSK
    Minimum Order Quantity: 100 nos

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        Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) – This material provides excellent durability, chemical resistance, and flexibility.

        Color: Black – Black HDPE is commonly used for outdoor applications as it provides UV resistance and helps protect against degradation from sunlight exposure.

        Shape: Round – The end cap will have a rounded shape to fit over the end of the HDPE pipe securely.

        Pressure Rating: Up to 0.8 Bar – This indicates the maximum pressure the end cap can withstand. It’s essential to ensure that the pressure rating of the end cap matches the requirements of your piping system.

        Diameter: Up to 320 mm – This specifies the maximum diameter of the pipe that the end cap can accommodate. It’s crucial to select an end cap with a diameter that matches the outer diameter of your HDPE pipe.