HDPE Spigot Reducing Tee 125x20mm

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    Size: 125x20mm
    Material: HDPE
    Material Grade: PE80, PE100
    Rated Pressure: PN10, PN16
    Type of Tee: Spigot Inequal Tee / Reducing Tee
    Connection Type: Buttweld
    Usage/Application: Plumbing Pipe, Chemical, Agriculture, Drainage
    Brand: JSK

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        Our HDPE Spigot Reducing Tee, the perfect solution for seamless integration and efficient flow management in your pipeline systems. Crafted with precision from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this tee combines durability, versatility, and reliability to meet the demands of various applications.

        With a size of 125x20mm, our spigot reducing tee offers a smooth transition between different pipe sizes, allowing for optimal flow distribution and pressure control. Its spigot ends enable easy and secure installation, ensuring a tight seal that withstands the rigors of everyday operations.

        Whether you’re working on water distribution networks, irrigation systems, or industrial processes, our reducing tee provides exceptional resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemical damage. This ensures longevity and performance consistency, reducing downtime and maintenance costs for your infrastructure.

        Experience enhanced efficiency and peace of mind with our HDPE Spigot Reducing Tee, engineered to deliver reliable performance and long-lasting durability. Upgrade your pipeline systems with confidence and unlock the full potential of your operations with this premium-quality tee.


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